Extramural Diversity

NIH commissioned a literature review to better understand the impact of diversity in the scientific community. The review examined literature from a variety of areas, including health, medical disciplines and business. This approach will be updated and is designed to emphasize contemporary reports.

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Article Title Document Title Author Last Author First Year Published Source Type Pubmed ID
Increasing African American, Latino and Native American Representation among High Achieving Undergraduates at Selective Colleges and Universities Institute for the Study of Social Change UC Berkeley Miller L. Scott 2005 Article
Nepotism and Sexism in Peer-Review Nature Wenneras Christine 1997 Journal Article 9163412
Minority Access to Research Careers: An Evaluation of the Honors Undergraduate Research Training Program National Academy Press Garrison Howard H. 1985 Institute of Medicine Staff Report
Racial Bias in Using USMLE Step 1 Scores to Grant Internal Medicine Residency Interviews Academic Medicine Edmond Michael B 2001 Journal Article 11739053
Effect of Two Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Training Programs for Medical Students on the Likelihood of Pursuing Research Careers Academic Medicine Fang Di 2003 Journal Article 14660432
Diversity & the PhD: A Review of Efforts to Broaden Race & Ethnicity in US Doctoral Education Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation 2005
The Educational Benefits of Diversity: Evidence from Multiple Sectors Compelling Interest Book Milem Jeffrey F. 2003 Book Chapter
A Critique of Literature on the Underrepresentation of African Americans in Science: Directions for Future Research J Women Minorities Science Engineering Lewis Bradford F. 2003 Journal Article
Are Emily and Greg More Employable Than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment On Labor Market Discrimination American Economic Review Bertrand Marianne 2004 Journal Article
A Retrospective on Undergraduate Engineering Success for Underrepresented Minority Students Journal of Engineering Education May Gary S. 2003 Journal Article
Final Report on the Evaluation of the National Science Foundation Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation Program The Urban Institute Clewell Beatriz Chu 2005 Article
Evaluation of an Undergraduate Research Experience: Perceptions of Undergraduate Interns and their Faculty Mentors Journal Educational Psychology Kardash CarolAnne M. 2000 Journal Article
Evaluating a Science Diversity Program at UC Berkeley: More Questions than Answers Cell Biology Education Matsui John 2003 Journal Article 12888847
A Barrier of Mistrust: How Negative Stereotypes Affect Cross-Race Mentoring Excerpta Medica, Inc. Cohen Geoffrey 2002 Book Chapter
Latino Achievement in America The Education Trust 2003 www.edtrust.org
Assessing Medical School Admissions Policies: Implications of the US Supreme Court's Affirmative-Action Decisions AAMC Terrell Charles 2003 Article
Engagement, Capacity and Continuity: GE Foundation Jolly Eric J 2004 Article
The Early Career Progress of NRSA Predoctoral Trainees and Fellows Pion Georgine M 2001 Article
In Pursuit of a Diverse Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Workforce AAAS George Yolanda S 2001 Report
Increasing the Number of African American PhDs in the Sciences and Engineering American Psychologist Maton Kenneth I 2004 Journal Article 15367090
Standing Our Ground: A Guidebook for STEM Educators in the Post-Michigan Era AAAS Malcolm Shirley M 2004 Article
Making Diversity Work on Campus: A Research-based Perspective AACU Milem Jeffrey F. 2005 Article
Identifying Future Scientists: Predicting Persistence into Research Training CBE Life Sciences Education McGee Richard 2007 Journal Article 18056303
Benefits and Challenges of Diversity in Academic Settings Board of Regents, Univ Wisconsin 2007 Brief
Diversity and Educational Benefits: Moving Beyond Self-Reported Questionnaire Data Education working Paper Archive Herzog Serge 2007